A McGraw Hill Book Plug-in PHP: 100 Power Solutions
By Robin Nixon (McGraw Hill 2010, ISBN 978-0071666596)

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Chapter 3: Text Processing

One of the most common tasks you will need to perform when creating dynamic websites is correctly formatting text according to the desired output. Whether checking for spelling, removing whitespace, censoring user input and more, this chapter provides powerful plug-ins to do the job quickly and efficiently.

The plug-ins in this chapter:
  1. Wrap Text
  2. Caps Control
  3. Friendly Text
  4. Strip Whitespace
  5. Word Selector
  6. Count Tail
  7. Text Truncate
  8. Spell Check
  9. Remove Accents
  10. Shorten Text

Full explanations of how these plug-ins work, along with tables of variables, arrays and functions, and advice on how to use them can be found in the companion book to this website. Just click the About or Buy It links at the head of any page on this site.